Business Branding 

Logo designs are only the beginning of marketing your business on a more professional level. Branding your business goes beyond the logo and gives your business it's own identity. Your brand should separate your business from your competitors and attract your clients. Let Crystal Pixals design your brand to do just that. 
• Main Logo Design (eps, png, jpeg)
• Alternate Logo (eps, png, jpeg)
• Sub Mark Variation (eps, png, jpeg)
• Watermark (png)
• Copyrights 
• Color Palette
• Business Card Design
• 250 Business Card Prints
• Facebook Cover and Avatar (png, jpeg)
• 5 Social Media Templates
• 5 Instagram Highlights
All files are high resolution and 300dpi.
All of the logos are created as Vector files

Logo Love

Your logo should convey the identity of your company. It will represent your company on your business cards, letterheads, signage, website, social media and so much more.
You will receive up to 3 design concepts per project, your chosen design in PNG, JPEG, EPS(vector) and PDF formats, full color, all black and all white, along with copyright transfer form.
• Main Logo Design (eps,png,jpeg,pdf)
• Alternate Logo (eps,png,jpeg,pdf)
• Sub Mark Variation (eps,png,jpeg,pdf)
• Watermark (png)
• Color Palette
• Copyrights
*All other designs created by Crystal Pixals are charged by a hourly fee of $50 per hour.
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