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Designing Your Brand.


Crystal Pixals offers a wide variety of design services to help make you business or event look as professional as possible. Your brand deserves a unique look to stand out amongst your competitors to attract the most clients to your business or the most attendees to your event. Crystal Pixals is dedicated to styling the brands of businesses and events by designing everything from logos, to business cards, to websites and more. Packages are available for start up and small brands, individual designing for as needed projects, and custom packages for brands that require a little more extra. Whatever your brand need to succeed, Crystal Pixals is here to help design it.

Are You An Event Planner?

Crystal Pixals offers design and print services for Event Planner and Coordinators to offer to their clients. I desgin and print backdrops, invitations, programs, event sites and so much more. If you're a planner, let Crystal Pixals be your one stop shop for any occasion.

From headshots, to building, to product photography, Crystal Pixals offers professional photo shoots to help your brand look amazing. Whether you need photos for you website, social media or advertisement, your brand should always look it's best.

Does Your Product Need Pictures?
Meet Crystal
The Brand Stylist

Hello! I am Cerrelle "Crystal", and I am a freelance graphic designer with over 10 years of designing and marketing experience. I have designed for many businesses and events all cross the US in all sorts of different industries. I have a unique knack for graphically bringing someone’s vision to life, and would be honored to do the same for yours.

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